Car Blind Spot Sensors

An Aftermarket car blind spot sensors detection systems are now available for you to have installed on your vehicle. There is no need to pay thousands of dollars for an option in a luxury motor vehicle purchase. This is an affordable aftermarket car blind spot sensor system you can have retro fitted to just about any vehicle in the market today.

We sell online the Goshers' brand car blind spot sensors kits for cars. Shipping direct to your door, United States, Australia, Canada.
The brand Gosher's was one of the first companies in the United States to sell and market the car blind spot sensor systems as a retro fit unit to the general public. 

Have you ever been driving your car when after you have checked your mirrors, looked over your shoulder and started to change lanes, when all of a sudden there is a car in the Blind Spot?  This wakes you up and hopefully you did avoid the collision with the other vehicle.

We believe safety is paramonut anytime you drive and with many distractions around you in the world today extra assistance is great. The Goshers car blind spot sensors systems is an aid in preventing a lane change collision. Having a collision even a small one is costly and inconvient to you and your family arranging repairs, getting to work and kids to schools let alone the money.

So if this system saves you once the headache, the car blind spot system has paid for itself! 

How the car blind spot sensors work?  
Whilst driving forwards the sensors scan the blind spot approx 3m x 3m area from the sensors.  Inside your vehicle a LED light will flash if there is a vehicle detected in the blindspot sensor covered area. If you intend to change lanes and signal with your indicator and the warning buzzer sounds.  This is to alert you of a vehicle or object has been detected in the car blind spot sensors area.